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August brings about the sprint of Summer. What one hasn’t accomplished seems to come up during this month. I witness folks creating space to get the things done they have been postponing. Sometimes it is chores like chopping the wood and getting ready for Winter. Mostly though it is people taking time off from their day-to-day to enjoy something in life that feeds their soul. Especially in Vermont it is important to take time to do what cannot be done once the snow flies. Mind you if one is a skier –this month probably lingers far too long. Most of the time, I am surrounded by people and their thoughts as I work in a very busy coffee shop. I hear all variations on the theme.

I am like the flower Johnny-Jump-Ups. Have you ever noticed that at this time of year they bloom what seems again? I imagine this is because they have at least one more bloom in them before the cold weather sets in. When I see a bunch growing at first I think it’s Spring then I realize no it’s Autumn. They are here to remind me to GTD – live – do what I have dreamed of doing but haven’t taken seriously or haven’t done.

That’s one reason I have begun writing –posting in a place where I can share more than my latest miracle concoction. Not to worry I will post pictures of my food adventures. In fact, I have a plan to post a new recipe every Wednesday. I was inspired by a blog I read a few days ago for the first time. It’s created by Tori Ritchie and called Tuesday Recipe. She has taught cooking for over twenty years, writes cookbooks and has written for many magazines including Bon Appetit.

Due to my taking on another job to make ends meet (hopefully more than meet) I am concerned that I may fall into the “I’m too tired” category and let my creative life go to the wayside. Her blog and routine gave me the answer to keep me doing a “happy dance.”

Starting this Wednesday I will post my first recipe.

I shall see how this goes. I know I need interaction and communication. For me that is the fun part. I hope to generate a flow of questions and answers and learn from folks who choose to read my posts as well as inspire them.

See you Wednesday! And thank you Tori!