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I drool over many people’s accomplishments thinking, if only, I had money to do that. Time, money, focus, staying power. Name it. I have come up with some excuse to not do or at least share what I do with “the world.”

It is SO easy now to keep in touch. The likes of Facebook have shown me just how simple it is. I have had numerous blogs that few even knew about. Why? Part of it I believe is I am shy and I adore most people. I have rarely met, in fact I have never met one that when I take the time to get to know them, I find nothing about them that is interesting. I do not need to be their BFF though.

My thirst to connect my insides with your outsides (ew!) has become an obsession.

So here I am.

Wednesday’s Creations Studio is back in the game.

“What game?” you may ask. My next post will answer that question. First I need to fill in my profile with that story after I write it.

Visit me often. Ask. Share. Comment.