Everyone can do it. I chose Cinnamon Toast for my first post because it is the first thing I learned how to “cook.” When I was in elementary school there was Home Economics. It was a tough class. The first recipe was Cinnamon Toast. It was printed on mimeograph paper, which was a magical process that I made great use of when creating alternative newspapers in high school but that’s another story. If someone reminds me I will post the food I was making back then –hehehe.

I can still see the classroom kitchen It was a big enough to fit about twenty youngsters who were all anxious and wanting to do well. The teacher handed out the page with words we needed to pronounce. Cinnamon like spaghetti was one of those words that can be difficult for the young tongue however for the palette it more often than not was an all time favorite.

Sometimes recipes or talking about the making of a dish is more work than one thinks. The details can be grueling. I like to tell the story then the “OCD” kicks in. (or the voice of my teacher)

Cinnamon toast has three main parts. The bread which needs to be toasted, the butter, margarine or whatever that needs to be room temperature, and the cinnamon sugar. In my Home Economics class every detail was covered. We were graded on each step. Understanding the process completely was important. Man oh man could I make cinnamon toast. I practised at home. Wowed my mother, drove her crazy as well, with my perfectionism. The butter must touch all the edges of the toast. The toast must be golden to medium brown. The cinnamon sugar was sprinkled heavily over the whole piece of bread. Then shake off the excess to use on the next piece.
I prefer the cinnamon sugar to be a higher ratio of cinnamon to sugar. It comes out brown instead of light brown and tastes oh so much better.

What are your Variations on Cinnamon Toast?