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Delicata Squash, Russett Potatoes, BeetsIt all started when I spotted a perfect delicato squash in one of my local crunchy granola stores. I never used the words “crunchy granola” when they were popular as I thought of them as an insult to the food choices I made. It sits well with me now as the terms local, organic, super-organic – really organic roll off people’s tongues like eating fresh, good produce that one knows where it came from and who grew it is something new.

Not that I wanna get all political – no I do not – however I am angry – or some variation on that theme of the fact that if not for local- organic farmers and their preserverance we would be – could be – may be without the healthy, real food that I was blessed to grow up with.
Sure my family got pulled into all the new products that emerged during the 50s and 60s. Honestly they were fun and different and tasty. I actually think if one could look at the ingredients of those said products that one would find little to no chemicals and preservatives and certainly no genetically modified ingredients. All I can say now is I am angry that I need to check EVERY ingredient list presently and discern exactly what is being put into my favorite used to be natural in the true sense product.

Last night even though it was not as cool an evening as I would have preferred I baked up my found treasures. While the squash, potatoes, and beets were roasting I started to fry up some tempeh in olive oil and rosemary that was taken from my kitchen plant that dried up long ago. I haven’t much of a green thumb in terms of keeping rosemary plants looking like when I buy it. I so love the smell. When I need an energy shift I grasp the “mini- tree” from bottom to top and then breath in the smell on my hands. Immediately I am calm and at peace. Powerful shift and so simple.

Dinner was delicious. I served the baked potato with sour cream . The rest really didn’t need any doctoring. Simple and nutritious – a belly full of joy ☺