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I have an art project due in a few weeks. I can use any medium (guess which one I chose!). I need to work images depicting milestones in my life that have great meaning to me. I hadn’t dwelled on it much but I realized that twenty-six years ago this day I got married.  Sheaths of wheat are symbolic for souls that have been harvested. My soul has been harvested many times.  During my research for ideas I came across a recent post by one of my favorite pastry chefs Gesine Bulluck-Prado.

I have made bread sculptures and designs for fun a good portion of my life. I have used scissors to create texture in a design but never had I tried this process. So here is my first attempt. It’s been a long day so I didn’t have tons of energy but man was this fun to do.

Check out the process on Gesine’s blog and have fun – I sure did – and will return to this technique with tons of ideas that occurred to me through this process. Autumn is a wonder filled time of the year. Crunchy leaves are just down the road as I am noticing the leaves are starting to show off their brilliant colors – already.