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matzo ball chicken soupOver the weekend I felt run down after a long day at work. I came home and had soup on my mind. There’s this Autumnal chill in the air that often leads me to more baking and beloved soups. So I pulled the chicken out from the freezer in preparation for dinner. What else did I have around to add to this pot? Carrots, onions, and only celery seed on hand.
First I sautéed the onions then added the chicken and let it steam-defrost. I was too hungry to wait for proper thawing. As the chicken cooked I grated the carrots and threw in various other spices. I didn’t have much else in the house except I did add some garlic (oh yes!) Once the chicken browned a bit I added six or so cups of water along with the carrots and let it roll.

Then I took a much-needed nap. I woke up with a delicious smell permeating the whole house, which inspired me to make matzo balls to top this whole meal off. What a satisfying meal.

stuffed bell pepperAs an excuse to use the oven to take the chill out of the house – I stuffed a beautiful bell pepper from my friend’s garden with some leftover rice pilaf and topped it off with mozzarella cheese. It was excellent!

My morning started with barely being able to lift my head to send a text that I won’t be able to be at work that day. Then I drifted into a much-needed rest, which led me to making the second pot of soup.

I was coming down with sniffles and knew the perfect remedy. Immediately took more chicken and some tofu out of the freezer to begin prep for Hot n Sour soup. I followed the same procedure except instead of carrots I had some mushrooms to add to the flavor. I had the cutest “little bird pepper” that I added for the heat, as well as fresh ginger, onion, sesame oil, soy sauce, and rice vinegar all to taste. The next day I was cured. Tired but sniffle-free. ☺

On a completely other note I just read that Steve Jobs died today. I never had the pleasure of meeting him but I surely am a fan of his innovative seemingly never-ending ideas. I am a “mac girl.” I read that his motto was Stay hungry. Stay foolish. I definitely am the later one and his death leaves me hungry for his incredible creative energy. Thanks Steve, you are one of those people I felt I knew even though I didn’t.