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Apple Pie w/ Caramel DrizzleWhy does Autumn have me craving casseroles? Savory and sweet. Is it the heat the oven creates as the items bake? Or is it the desire to keep summer thoughts alive with door wide open and no use of the heater. Perhaps it helps comfort the death of a season by bringing warmth into the belly. Or give refuge to the fear that ebbs and flows of life’s challenges. Whatever the reason –it’s the season for things like apple crisp and American Chop Suey I have always marveled at that name. I believe this is the first time I have written it. It kinda makes me squirm but it also makes me laugh at the ideas people come up with for names of food dishes. How are hamburger, macaroni, tomato sauce and bell pepper mixed together anything like chop suey? I do not get the connection at all. Enlighten me if you get it.