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my life in bread I left out my hat. Here’s my life line bread sculpture and I go and leave out my hat. I suppose the universe knew that my hat wasn’t going to come. Silly me. Yes I am grieving the hat – my hat – that I ordered but it was out-of-stock so no hat.

No hat. No hat. No hat.

Sadly I had a bunch of words zoom my way the day I presented this piece to my class, I thought, oh that is a good post, I will write down those words and be merry. Sadly I say because now I haven’t those words in my heart. I am filled with writing papers and many things to do each day. It’s great in many ways to be busy, very busy however it reminds me that when inspiration comes – grab it – just like life it drifts by all too quickly.

First a braid, then a body
Someone dancing through life
Surrounded by beauty
Saguaro Cacti
Frog eating spiral sun moons
Exploding starfish
Crabs doing their thing
Hiding under a sand dollar
Three children huddled
Laughing at their mother’s treat
Wondering when it will be ready to eat
No hat, no cat, no bird
A moose watches over the field
Pondering the dreamlike quilt
Of this thing called life.