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Pippin Approves Research Book PileThis past couple of weeks I have been pondering what content to include in my art therapy paper. Pre-occupied and in the final week panic set in as I couldn’t seem to find my spark. I write from inspiration – I trust in my muse to come sometimes even up until the very last OMG what am I going to write panic attack sets in.
I stop.
I breathe in.
I breathe out.
I do what.
I do.

I decided the best way to get out of my situation was to jump in and begin writing. So I did my usual rambling and BAM! There it was. Too simple for me to believe I guess. Once I reread and edited what I wrote a bit I had captured the essence of what I wanted to say by – saying it! Go figure.

Needless to say I giggled with pleasure and delight but the ol’ critic came bouncing back the moment I handed my paper in. When I bumped into the instructor in the hallway I said found myself wanting to explain my paper – after all she didn’t know me from “Adam” perhaps she would think I was just a great joker or something. I told her I don’t want to give away what happened in my paper but I did want her to know it was authentic.

HAI FiveAuthentic that is a word I want to remain associated with. In between all my week or so worth of pondering I baked. One of my  favorite things that I baked this week were cookies for my son’s DJ event.The Room of Love

I made an almond shortbread dough and rolled them into finger shapes to make “witch’s digits” – not sure I am big enough to get behind the history of these but the making of them is pure fun. Plus they are tasty!