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UFO Scarf circa 1968About four and a half decades ago I started this scarf. I was fortunate enough to babysit for a toy maker who had an endless supply of yarns, fabrics, and things that go bing to create from. One night before I left for home she said choose a few yarns – any colors I desired. So these are a few that I chose and immediately I started a scarf. Needless to say I didn’t finish it. Not sure why – did I lose interest? Not really sure except I kept it. I have made many things since that time that I did complete. My goal – a rather slowly progressing one – but a goal none-the-less – is to use up all of my current stash of fabrics, yarns and other materials. I am pleased to announce another UFO has bit the dust ☺

Let the Harf begin!A few weeks ago the project given in my art class was to create in any medium, an image that signified a personal metamorphosis. I knew immediately what I wanted to do. Jokingly or maybe not – my friends at work and I came up with “harf “or “scart” or “scat” which led to zoot and suit – yes us baristas are rappers.

So the metamorphosis has begun. First I had to learn the magic circle technique that enables one to create a tight knit top with no holes. So far, so good. The beginning of this has been slower than I thought it would be however I have gotten through the “worst” of it. The rest will be smooth sailing but not tonight. So this post may continue next week unless I forget and have moved on to another idea. Or one begs me to see it.