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pesto pizzaAs I was making pizza tonight I glanced up as I often do and thought, “I do believe in miracles, I do. I do. I do. I do believe in miracles…” First off, I mention this because a miracle is occurring in my own house as we speak. Way back in June two sweethearts of barista Ville came in as I was making lattes to wish me a merry. miracle balloonThey clipped this happy balloon right next to me and the rest of the day was a blast as “the cat was out of the bag” that it was my birthday. Every customer wished me well. Their wishes have served me well. Thank you one and all and especially to the two sweethearts that started the ball rolling.


Last week I promised to share the metamorphosis of my old knitted scarf that upcycled into a crocheted hat. hat, paper, frog mask

Today I found out I received an “A” for the whole class. It has been a day full of nice surprises as I step into me more and more. I am taking steps to study in Greece this summer for credit and of course for enjoyment. I will be collecting stories and food ideas and hopefully dive into some cooking. I intend to taste as many foods as possible. Olives and olive oil excite me more than anything. Simple Mediterranean foods are this best. I still need one signature of approval before I commit. Sigh. Greece. I am containing my excitement for now (publicly anyway)


Here are a few of my projects together and apart. Of course Pippin has to get into the picture.

pippin likes the harf


After taking these two art classes I was reminded to never think I know every thing about myself. The pure joy I felt this whole semester came as a true surprise to me. In all of my life I never thought of taking ART classes. In fact I have a rather low opinion of art being taught TO anyone, as everyone is an artist to me. The greatest gift I received after taking art therapy is an affirmation of the feelings and knowledge that I have acquired since the day I was born. Grandma Moose would be beaming right now. Beaming she is.