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one year I made a turkey bread :-)The night before Thanksgiving and all through the house smells of spices mingle with the hint of winter that chills the air every time the door is opened. The windowpanes are all steamed up like my glasses when I open the oven to check how things are doing. I can see the drawings from someone’s finger that couldn’t resist – bringing a smile to my face.

As I was shopping today for tomorrow’s feast I started thinking of things that I don’t buy anymore that used to be so special and only bought once a year at this time. Now things like green olives, black olives, special cheese are pretty much staples in my household. I found myself getting nostalgic for the conversations I had with my mother sharing what we were going to make for this year’s festivities. I picked up several items just to have those memories with me this year. One of course is the making of ambrosia. I recall one year when my mother and I were doing our usual feast making which included making fresh homemade eggnog that was laced with brandy.

We were up by six in the morning getting the turkey ready. We would prep all the vegetables. Prepare the snacks that we would enjoy whilst being “tortured” by the delicious smells of the turkey that touched our senses all day long.

Usually the ambrosia was done the night before but this year we started it right after we put the turkey in the oven but didn’t remember the walnuts and put it aside as we only had the authentic articles that would need cracking and shelling. Needless to say we forgot and rushed to get it done. The shells were in a colander next to the huge bowl of ambrosia. Some how the meat of the walnuts got mixed in with the shells and mixed into the ambrosia. We tried to dig all of the shells out and thought we had but mentioned at the table that folks need to be careful anyway.

It’s funny the things that get remembered as the years go by.
Here’s to many more good times over the holidays and no shells in the ambrosia!