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ramblin' kateThere certainly is a lot of turmoil is this world we live in. I tend to listen to public radio on my way to and from wherever I may be going – not viewing television for over four decades has done me no harm – I do like to attempt to keep up with what is going on in “the world” even if I am thrice removed I am part of this world as I see as one no matter how different we are.

As I listen I relate the stories to my own life, which is all I (kind of) understand depending on what state of mind I am in at the moment. Today I just had to turn the blasted thing off. Economics, politics, blunders; psychos each story all I could hear was deception and betrayal. I have had enough of that in my life to understand it when I hear it. I am tired of it. I came home. Did the dishes. Cooked dinner. Sat down and read my emails from my classes and from my friends. Aced another paper and started work on the last one.

Knowing I have two classes to participate in as well as preparation for my classes in my study abroad courses I have little time for the news to bring me down. Through my actions and belief that good, hard work, consistent and persistent – good – hard and often fun – work gets one to the next level. There is no end to learning except when one dies and who knows what is on the other side until one is there.

This week I have no projects to show, no pictures only good thoughts towards the steps people are taking to better themselves no matter what the end-product may be – kudos to having a goal even a foggy one is more fun and worthwhile than no dream at all.

Stay inspired! See you next week. I want to make homemade peppermint candy and I have three hundred mini cupcake holders with polka dots. (how’s that for a cliff hanger?)