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First Frog on Grandpa's ChairThere is a certain sense of calm after one submits the FINAL paper of this semester – no time for the weary though – on to prepping research for Greece (tomorrow).

Wednesday kind of stuck up on me this week.

I started a scarf with stripes. Black and a rich purple so far. Next week I will post some pictures.

Made some raw-superfood treats to send to my brother and hope to sell the rest to pay for the ingredients and start raising money for my trip to study abroad in Greece.

I hear all the news of what is happening on the other side of the world and wonder how this will all be. The last time I was in that area of the world was five days after Chernobyl. I remember feeling a sense of healthy nervousness about being so far from home however I also remember the sense of excitement.

I have since learned there isn’t much difference in the two emotions except which one I choose to live. I choose excitement – after I get over my nervousness ☺