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fount energy delight thanks smayoIt’s been another busy week for me. I finished up my last class – final grades came in today – aced both of them which feels great and deserved. Even though I thoroughly enjoyed both classes I had to do a lot to keep up with each week’s workload. The key to ending a class with an “A” is to keep ahead of “the game.” Classes are like chess – one needs to think ahead and study not only what is in front of one – but also what the opponent is thinking. In this case the opponent is the instructor. I pay attention, listen to what they want me to learn – learn that – and move on to what interests me. Generally in essays I share what I see and instructors rave about my essays. I have been playing this game for about three years now and still don’t trust that they know what they are talking about – instead I think they are just very bored with academic writing and find mine refreshing to read. I suppose that is an arrogant thing to say. I guess until I do myself proud – which I have from time to time – I won’t really be impressed with grades. I wonder what it is I need to move on. Meanwhile I continue on this path it is definitely holding my interest especially now that I have ventured into the field of art. In my “real life” I am taking baby steps towards coming out of my shell – oddly posting on FB and working at SBUX has given me some gentle energy bursts.

Tonight I developed another variation of my energy delights using coconut. I can’t wait until tomorrow to try one. “The batter” tasted great. No new photos though I do love the one my cohort Sarah created for me. The colors and angle are delicious. It’s so cool I will use it for this post. Until next time – stay inspired!