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VQF Frog SpottingThe words “generation gap” or “from another or different generation” have been rolling through my brain for decades now. True, I have been on this planet for over five decades. In terms of generation I haven’t a clue what generation I am from. For me it is like how old I am and how I am supposed to be due to being from a certain time.
My mother, wise woman that she was, often said how she disliked being thought of as having to act or be a certain way because she was older. She would try being a member of certain groups and got tired of “being with the old biddies” that had nothing to talk about except their aches and pains. The other thing she used to say a lot was “I never want to be like an old fogey or an old fuddy-duddy.” She certainly never was either of those. I am happy to say that I have carried on her torch. I choose to be an old geezer with a continued sense of wonder about this crazy wonder filled thing called life. There are so many things I want to see and do and learn. There is no time to be bored except for with the continual cycle of stupidity that gets spewed out through the media waves in hopes to generate excitement when to the media means anything that gets millions to watch or listen or even worse believe in – give me an hour interview with Terry Gross to listen to any day over the media nonsense or even better give me Julia Child or Mister Rogers. Hey maybe I am an old fuddy-duddy, after all as I listen to the new soundtrack from “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.”