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Three Spatulas!

Three Spatulas bring me joy and they were on sale too. Red, Yellow, and Blue! They were put to immediate use as I bake up the last batches of my cookies. My daughter heads home tonight and what can I say? The good and the bad of educating them about good food is my kids are spoiled with the understanding of fresh baked as opposed to “day old” baked goods.

Candy Cane Cookies

I baked my traditional

Candy Cane cookies,

Russian Tea Cakes, and

Almond Butter cookies. Almond Butter Cookies

To tie us over holiday dinner began with a ton of Deviled Eggs while I made Potato Latkes and Spinach Pie. I neglected to take pictures but all three were tasty. I bake my latkes instead of frying, which saves me a lot of time standing over the stove. Baked latkes take about forty-five minutes and only one turn at the halfway point. Latkes with sour cream and applesauce are delicious. I think I will make them again for New Year’s Day.

Speaking of the New Year

I already can feel it in my bones this will be one of my busiest and I sense most inspired.

I wish that for everyone including good health.