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DPJ rows Not sure if it is because it is January—a month of ice, freezing rain and the rare moments of sunshine or the ever growing list of want-to-dos that is simultaneously gifting me urges to press on and reside in front of a fireplace with some good stitching. Whatever the reason I have been blessed with the obsessed behavior to watch endless mysteries of Murder, She Wrote whilst I hand stitch rows of the sister quilt fondly called DPJ which stand for Drunkard’s Path Jubilee. The quilt block pattern is known as “drunkard’s path.”

Stitching clears my mind. I need all the help I can give myself to remain calm and retain belief that I am meant to reach for “the stars” even if those stars are chocolate coated, raw superfoods, stream-of-consciousness words, stitching with an accidental song here and there. Life doesn’t need to make sense for me though occasionally it is a welcomed relief.

Keeping up with all the amazing things going on in the world is near impossible. Hearing about topics like rotational grazing or the food hubs that are supporting local foods and farmers and small businesses can hold my attention for hours. What is also true for me is I can turn my head and find people right in front of me who are amazingly talented and bright and in need of support towards their vision even when they don’t have one or don’t see the one they have. Life is for the living. I shall be forever curious and grateful to have had this experience.

I feel very blessed with the gift my mother left me. I hear her words on a daily—sometimes moment-to-moment basis.
“If a person wants to do something bad enough, all they need to do is, do it.” It’s a simple truth, so simple that it’s hard to believe. Sometimes.