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ribbitA heavy workload— in all areas of my life—this week. Need to add more sleep and more play somewhere in there. Spent a good portion of an hour looking through notebooks, journals, and photos to see what the universe would provide for inspiration.
tomatoes, tomatoesReading through one journal from 1978—I recall working hard, wanting a house, wanting to be rich, wondering why people liked me, going to several movies, playing in several concerts, eating in a restaurant when who but Nixon came walking in, calling several people to get a hold of Mick Ronson, scheduling tons of auditions, frequenting the ballet when Nureyev was in town, sewing my own clothes, walking endless miles on the streets of New York and oh yes reading books and the New York Times at my leisure whilst listening to the howling wind as the cookies were baking in the oven.

Some things in life never change, some evolve.butter butter