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so much to doSome four decades ago (sounds shorter than forty years-there’s marketing for ya!) I used to sit with my mother and stitch ‘n’ bitch. One thing led to another and we added a few folks to join us. I don’t recall if we intentionally chose Wednesdays to meet however that was the day we did. I have always liked to create a flag or banner for any club I started. Wednesday’s Creations was no exception. I have mostly fond memories of these beginnings and have always held on to the name and my love for Wednesdays. My daughter was even born on a Wednesday – imagine!
wednesday's creations original bannerThis is one I embroidered. It shows all the environments I lived in during my life at the time. Maybe I will finish it someday.

I added Studio this last decade and clearly am challenged with an “over” enthusiasm for life as I seem unable to contain my curiosity for it. I am proud that I whittled my interests down to words, textiles, and food. However, it’s a façade as I dive into music, healing of the body and mind, and attempts to understand how this thing called life works. It will take me a lifetime or two to get the hang of it.
I have been exploring old miracle concoctions that my kids have been kind to remind me of. A cookbook of some sort has been in the making for many years now. Just some rambling thoughts.one treasure collection