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Yes it is really Wednesday.
Yes it is Leap Year Wednesday.
Yes I just enjoyed two days being a homebody. I can add- immensely enjoyed -in all honesty. I feel more myself than I have in many months. Taking time to breathe is a good thing.

Two items I made that I need to share. Bacon Pineapple - Fount BarsThe latest treats I made Pineapple and Bacon-Pineapple. They just set and have been tasted by my experts all except the “Queen of Bacon” who I made them especially for. I alas need to wait until tomorrow morning as if I have one now I will be up all night ‘cause they give that much energy. Don’t call them energy bars for nothing!

For my daughter’s birthday I decided to try a recipe I haven’t made before. Russian Coffee Cake. I measured and sifted and chopped finely just like the good old days. When I try a new recipe I always follow their instructions. I am looking forward to the first bite. Patience. Russian Coffee Cake (Molly Katzen - Broccoli Forrest)
The filling has chocolate, almonds, apricots, and coconut. The recipe is taken from an old favorite cookbook The Enchanted Broccoli Forest by Molly Katzen.
Russian Coffee Cake Filling I topped it with an apricot-lime glaze-oops- the recipe didn’t call for that! However, I sensed it would be a good combo.
And it was!Birthday Candles! Make a Wish!