I’m suppos’ta write something tonight.
You Are HereI got nothing but this dream that overflows in my heart. It’s suppos’ta happen. That moment in life when I know I have taken the turn that makes me smile – a surprise by joy – moment in life – one I have read about and don’t recall experiencing in a long while. A good surprise. One that fills my heart with that feeling of complete and utter confoundment like the dream I awoke from this morning. A man who was from the United Kingdom came to me –seeking me out – me only me – he didn’t even say what for – just that I was THE one for the task – I felt this sense of pride and wonder – all I remember is his name was Peter.
As I drove to work this morning thinking about the dream I laughed. I have been watching this series called Kingdom starring Stephen Frye whom I adore. His character’s name is Peter, Peter Kingdom. He is quite the father figure as well as would make a great friend. Then I thought of Scotland and Pete and how his actions made me aware that I was but a shadow. I felt uncomfortable – exposed – he saw me and all I wanted to do was hide – be seen and hide. It’s a Catch-22 – a conundrum.

aaronmarthaelliotnoah_blackandwhiteMeanwhile I mean to buy some popsicle makers again. After being reminded of them in this sweet photo of days spent on the deck in Bristol.