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These words best describe how the last two weeks of my life have been – an utter whirlwind
Last weekend I completed my final class in Art & Healing Mandalas. I also attended the first class of the art classes I am taking next – Art History of Greece focusing on Gems & Costume and Environmental Sculpture. Both classes I will be attending in Greece. I’ll keep a detailed log of the time spent not only because I want to but it is my final project. It all started with our supply bag…and a huge list of items we need to bring along.Art Supply Bag
Here are some photos of the last class in Healing Mandalas. By chance the class was all women. colorful sand and toolsThe sand mandala we created represents each of us and the strength of women – please note our bindu honors both male and female and the intense energy of the spiral. healing sand mandala spring 2012 impermanence impermanence sand rainbow impermanence sand rainbow flower
With every ending comes a new beginning – Hello!