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Open Door to Art Studio Shop, GreeceBy no means am I a stickler for formal. Pretty much happy with who I am and even how I am maturing as the decades go by. Why, I am living history!  I think once a person has lived on the planet for half a century their view changes. I have always realized that things are organic and change. Things can change like the wind. Transform overnight or in the toaster. Think bread. (I am starting to parse myself so one stays with me here <wink> <<even though I haven’t mastered that magical ability, yet.>>

Pretty much every week I read Rob Brezny’s Free Will Astrology heck I even own his book Pronoia which is full of gems to ponder. If I had an outhouse it would be perfect material to set alongside the Whole Earth Catalog, Our Body, Our Selves and of course something culinary like Mastering the Art of French Cooking by beloved Julia Child. In my dream world having a bathroom that is tiled, has a window that overlooks a garden, a meadow or a vineyard, a bear-claw deep long bathtub, and decent sky lighting to kill the mildew and keep it naturally fresh would be where I would have these encyclical gems on hand to inspire. I would add some book of humorous short stories that I can’t recall at the moment as well.

This week’s horoscope is a gem for me:

CANCER (June 21-July 22): Most change is slow and incremental. The shifts happen so gradually that they are barely noticeable while you’re living in the midst of them from day to day. Then there are those rare times when the way everything fits together mutates pretty quickly. Relationships that have been evolving in slow motion begin to speed up. Long-standing fixations melt away. Mystifying questions get clear answers. I think you’re at one of these junctures now, Cancerian. It’s not likely you’ll be too surprised by anything that happens, though. That’s because you’ve been tracking the energetic build-up for a while, and it will feel right and natural when the rapid ripening kicks in. 

My immediate response was “bring it on”.