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The Wizard of Oz Book CoverFall semester brings me head’s down with two new courses. One I chose to take even though I could have stressed my self out and written an essay (somewhat from memory, no spell check, etc.) to waiver the requirement of Rhetorical Expression. Maybe I am not confident enough to believe I can hold an essay in my very busy mind – which is true for me – however I am choosing to believe that any writing I practise is better than stressing out for three hours. I am excited, as I will get to write more essays and practise using prompts that I may not have chosen. There is a stretch in that alone so enough on the way my mind works.

Frog and Toad are Friends Book CoverThe other course I am most excited about is Literature for Children. I have a great collection of children’s books that has grown over the years due to raising three children. I am not current with what is on the shelves these days. I imagine I will have some great discoveries. There are so many greats out there.

A Wrinke in Time Book CoverI started reading the textbook to prepare for the first class. Already I am fully immersed. The history of children’s literature is something I never thought about. I took it for granted that it always existed. In a sense it did however it was handled differently as were most things pre-Guggenheim Press. I discovered that John Newberry was the pioneer in creating literature for children. Probably he would be seen as an innovator and a good businessperson for having the idea to create books especially for children.

Charlotte's Web Book CoverI haven’t done my own research into how true this all is. I know behind every person’s original idea there was a universal energy forming to have the “light bulb” go off in the person who is often given the public credit for some idea. At the moment I will just go with the flow of the text. The medals and awards given each year to writers and illustrators intrigue me as well. I may go into that in another post. I have a few people I know who write or illustrate books for children. I have a few ideas of my own that haven’t materialized except in notes. Perhaps some day though notes will gel into a few gems. I would be most proud to leave a few books behind as my legacy to this wonder filled thing called life.

Ant and Bee and the Rainbow Book CoverI started collecting people’s favorite children’s books titles. I would love to keep the list growing while I am concentrating on this subject. It can be your favorite, or some young persons, or one you have memorized or read to someone many times. So far the list has been fascinating. I may even make this my final project – though I don’t know those requirements yet.

Please feel free to share your favorite children’s book with me.Katy and the Big Snow Book CoverBird Book Cover