adding machineThis morning a conversation I had with a former co-worker came to mind.

It was in the 1980s during the days when we still used IBM Selectric typewriters for most of our correspondence.

I miss its sound and some of its capabilities. A computer is a great tool, however I am glad I hold the days of typewriters manual and electric in my heart.

Back to my story…

One day a shipment came in of several new machines called calculators. It made my work so much easier as I had tons of calculations to do.

I shared my excitement with my co-worker and inquired why he didn’t request one.

His response was “I do not need one.” Puzzled I asked “Why?”

“It has a division key and I will not support something that divides.” He kept his adding machine.

To this day I find this man remarkable. I know in many ways he held high intentions and was idealistic. That’s why I admired him.

I wonder what he is doing now?