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In every adventure it’s good to have a plan, even if it’s to not have a plan. I am somewhere in between. I know I want to give myself the opportunity to explore the various interests I have dabbled in and sometimes more than dabbled in most of my life. Words, Textiles, and Food still sums it up as long as I add a little tune or two to it.

Beanie Beret

Thought you might like to read this in hopes to motivate progress. It’s an article on the Etsy blog about creating a successful Etsy Store. I just started mine last month. (step one – ta done!)

It’s January 2013

I know for me it’s always good to have some wild goals and some obtainable baby steps.

I fondly call it my little by little I can do it plan.

Making my dream come true is so exciting to me I am surprised I can sleep some nights.

The trick is to remember the old adage it’s a marathon not a race. I constantly think why am I “still” at step one when I so desire to be at the next level – AT LEAST.

I don’t have a real answer to that question except I know I get distracted by so many wonder filled things and people.

Yes that is how I feel some days, in fact most days.

Just about everything is interesting to me in this thing called life.

I remind myself to breathe.

Make a few lists of “to-dos” and big dreams.

And most importantly to…

Stay inspired!

Toweling, Beet Ribbon, New FabricI know I am as I gaze upon a few purchases. I see new tea towels, new sewing machine cover and some incredible ribbon that I want to use on a messenger bag. Was this in my plan?

Not really 🙂

Happy New Year!