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Not only is today the first Wednesday in June, it’s the first Wednesday OF June. June being my birth month I tend to act like a johnny-jump-up in autumn and bloom again before the winter sets in.

Dream of Transformation

I spent this weekend past at a team workshop for the Human Awareness Institute (HAI). I have been a part of this community since 1999. When I listen to the bits and pieces of news on the radio whilst I am driving in my car I envision applying all the lessons I have learned from experiences within the HAI workshops and I wonder why some of these simple exercises are not utilized. Each time I attend a workshop I walk away with awe at the miracles I have witnessed when people shed their masks and open their hearts. This weekend I was reminded why I have been going back time and again.

Today was one of those perfect days. Not only was the weather sunny, and holding beautiful blue skies with a nice breeze, but I was in the flow. Up early to write. Out early to get chores done and run errands. Cooked and baked and had time to stitch. Received lots of new interactions regarding the energy I put into my work.

A day of recognition, that is what it turned out to be. Very satisfying indeed.

I’m back in the game and liking it.