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DSC03562Connie is starting a trend in clothing – well – bringing back a trend – this pinafore in heading to Filomena even though Connie would like to keep it.

When I realized my second child was in the making I found myself wanting a girl though I knew I would be happy with either gender. I had this feeling of guilt as the desire for a baby girl became to the top of my mindset.

I began constructing a doll from a Raggedy Ann and Andy pattern published by McCall’s. When I finished the doll I decided the best thing to do was to ask my son what the doll’s name should be. Again, secretly hoping it was a girl’s name so I could make the pinafore, dress, and pantaloons. The mind gets pretty silly when one is pregnant. I was tickled pink when Noah exclaimed “Connie!” without any hesitation. I immediately started making Connie’s clothes. All are made from a line of woven fabric. I love the feeling of the fabric and the colors I chose. Fabrics nowadays are often printed instead of woven. I only have a small amount of these left. After making this pinafore I am inspired to make another doll and more clothes. Happy Spring!