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I cut into my first watermelon of the year with great anticipation. I was inspired to buy one after seeing this video and dying to try my hand at a new method of cutting (at least to me). Finally, last night I gave it my best – especially ’cause my knife is never as sharp as a chef’s knife. The process was perfect and definitely a keeper. I do need to get a new knife – one that can be sharpened properly. In the meanwhile I am pleased with the bowl of refreshing chunks of goodness.

DSC03619But that’s really not what I want to address here. In the early 60s, I lived in Arizona. One of the big things to look forward to was the season of “Watermelon Busts”.  We would venture to some grocery store, sit at picnic tables, which were all lined up and gorge ourselves, until our bellies ached, on watermelon. The stores did this due to the abundance of watermelon in sunny Arizona where it grew like pumpkins do here in Vermont. I don’t recall the stores charging anything but back then I wasn’t in charge. I think it was free though. What a great marketing idea!

I still haven’t gotten to the point of this post though. Seeds! I believe I have discussed this before but not with the concern and questions I have now. What happened to seeds in watermelons? Are they really so annoying to folks that a hybrid has been created and gone are the days of seeds? In my not so humble opinion, seeds were the bomb! Not only was it a good excuse to spit – for some, not me – I think the taste of the watermelon with seeds is much better. My mouth used to drool at the thought of biting into the crisp, crunchy heart of the watermelon. My anticipation still exists but in the past five or so years I haven’t been impressed.  If this keeps up my drooling days are over.

DSC03617Are seeds like bones and skins that hold all the goodness and delightful flavors? I don’t have the answers, yet, but welcome any clues as I continue my adventure for the love of watermelon.