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First post for 2015 and hopefully a habit will form from this new inspiration to inspire a new habit.

15 Minute Free-Motion Quilting Daily Meditation

IMG_2303 I have been slacking miserably in terms of sharing any writing on my blog. I write everyday for myself and am determined to get back to sharing. I have been looking for a purpose for quite awhile now. Since I am still on that adventure I decided to develop a new habit while I wait, so to speak. At least this way I am using my voice – sharing with a few folks who are interested in what I am up to – a as I said creating the habit of writing, and sharing it. So it begins here.

Well, actually it began a week or so ago.


For too long a time I have wanted to try free-motion quilting. In all honesty, I don’t know what took me so long as it is much like what I have been doing with a walking foot. That said, I am now using an open-ended darning foot and release the feed dogs on the sewing machine. I watched a few videos of Leah Day and found her approach most agreeable. She has a calm demeanor and inspires freedom and joy. Do watch her videos for inspiration. She is tops in my books.

IMG_2306IMG_2307Each time I begin I try not to be concerned with colors choices in thread or in fabric, mainly because I just want to be free. That said, after creating one everyday – these past eight days – I am finding myself wanting order and oddly enough – a purpose! So it took this project to help me see what I want even more. A purpose!

IMG_2309IMG_2310Instead of stopping and pondering what purpose? and what order? Which is my normal habit, I am continuing this process every day – 15 minutes a day – because I see that my mind needs these meditations to direct me.


I plan to cut up many colors of my solid stash – though – I am also leaning toward creating a bigger piece maybe 12 x 12 for starters, and see where that takes me – I like using the smaller pieces as I can usually fill them up in 15 minutes time.

IMG_2314IMG_2315IMG_2318Clearly I am not ready to make a solid decision as I don’t want to discontinue my new beginning habit of 15 minute daily meditations.IMG_2317

I think with bigger pieces I will start to ponder and wonder – which excites me as well as shifts my focus and desire to create a new habit.

IMG_2320 IMG_2322

It is important for me to work everyday. It is also important for me to find a purpose, my purpose. Making money is a purpose but it is not enough.


These meditations will guide me.