Hitting the Refresh Button – Reset, Rethink, Reinvent

IMG_2471I decided it was time to re-familiarize myself with my fabric. It has been a year since I have taken the time to review what I have in my stash. It is always emotional for me. It’s like visiting with friends. Some new fabric, some old fabric, some “what was I thinking” fabric? Many fabrics are very dear pieces to me as they are no longer alive except within the memories of a few swatches.IMG_2470 (1)

“In the beginning” the only fabrics I owned were solids from Gutcheon’s (NYC) and from designers Jinny Beyer, Hoffman, Marcus, and Roberta Horton – as I recall I am probably forgetting a few. I was fascinated with scraps – reusing sections of people’s favorite shirts or dresses – feedsacks were new to me and highly cherished when found at yard sales in those boxes under the table that most people passed by that sat next to  boxes of buttons and old patterns.

Fabric – all of my fabrics have a story that goes along with them. Many I can remember exactly where I was in time and life when I bought it or when it was given to me. Is that story as well as many others I hold in my mind worth holding on to? I generally find stories about people’s treasures to be very interesting. It’s like a museum or a library or a personal journal. Finding old letters – historically are fascinating to the likes of me. I know I am not alone in this thinking.

Nowadays – Kaffe Fassett designs have won my heart. I love batiks now more than ever. My tastes are shifting somewhat drastically – I think it would be best to sell out what I don’t care for any more or make a gazillion charm/scrap/strip quilts and let it all go. Seems to be a theme in my thinking of late – move on!

Meanwhile a little eye candy of UFOs and WIPs.