All too often I hesitate to post or write because it’s not enough or not good enough, or the pictures I take a boring AND blurry (LOL-no joke!) That said – I enjoy what I do. I enjoy seeing and hearing what other people do. I read words, scan photos, watch videos and frankly not all of them are “perfect” and yet they are – for me – as I see beyond the flaws and often get very inspired.

Once again, I am realizing I let myself get in my own way.

IMG_0295Today I opened the container I keep rice in when I fill the legs and arms of the frogs – much to my surprise I discovered five sets for five frogs just waiting to be completed. I finished up the sewing and cutting of the parts missing. One I ran out of fabric on so it now has a most unique body to “match” the rest. It’s all good in my eyes. I am happy to have a jump on these guys.IMG_0292

More sewing and stuffing to get them done on this chilly Tuesday before I start prepping for the pesto pizza party with my family.IMG_0294

Stay inspired – and for goodness sake don’t wait to share your life with someone!