It seemed like every stitch I took, either by hand or machine, was a step forbackwards. Yes, forbackwards – my new word – for it seems that is how it went with the latest group of frogs I found that needed to be completed.

WCS frogs
This morning I shall feed these hungry fellows and move forward. That is my hope. These last couple of days I have filled my mind with inspiration from artists and writers I admire. My favorite thought came from one of my favorite muses, Elizabeth Gilbert. First, all that we create is but a figment of the universe past. All that is done has been done. If one can’t eat the shitty sandwich part of creative life, than it is time to move on until one can. There is always a dark side, and one does best to have it walk with as a friend instead of sinking into fear of it. That is what I maintained after listening to an interview. I didn’t keep a record of it – nor will I go back to listen again. The second nugget I maintained is how important it is to finish a project, because until it is done, it’s not. What I appreciated from this conversation was the fluidity of her words. Clearly a lot of time, research, and thought go into her words.

I thought of these five frogs that needed completing. I decided to handstitch this batch as I felt like sitting comfortably whilst I listened to various muses.

Lecien L's ModernsAbout to move on to a small quilt made up of the five-inch charm pack created called L’s Moderns. I placed them onto a black batting to work on a design. I now know I need to buy the other pack that consists of yellows, oranges, and reds (if I recall correctly).