Autumnal Glow Outside the WindowThese past few weeks I have been rearranging my spaces to enhance my creative life. During that time I hung up a design wall – very simple one – created with the attitude of “just do it! – instead of worrying about how to perfect it – I don’t need perfect I need a place to hang my works in progress and make thoughtful decisions about the next move to take. Interestingly enough for me, as soon as I put the piece of black batting up (not even caring that I cut the shape roughly while it was up on the wall and furniture was in front of it so I couldn’t make a straight cut!) I stopped what I was doing and put up the cool color charm pack of five-inch squares by L’s Modern. Later that week I went to Stitched to by the warm color charm. I had an idea and I couldn’t wait to try it out. I love the feeling of inspiration when not even eating is as important as seeing if the idea works.

Progress, not Perfection!Simple Design WallWarm and Cool Half Hexagons

And of course these tiny triangles are perfect for making a confetti quilt which is another technique on my list to accomplish. It needs to wait until I conquer how to piece this hexagon quilt together by machine. I want it to be fast not slow. I used the half-hexagon template created by Natalie Dawn for Missouri Star Quilt Company.

Warm Cool  Triangles with Templates

And last but not least I put up another design wall of sorts using binder clips to hold a project up. This one is my practise free motion quilting quilt. Since there is some batting exposed I used the space along the edge to ponder what my other project would look like using the Circle Magic Plus template aka Orange Peel or Football template. Lots of fun and very versatile. Both templates I plan to use often. So handy!Free Motion Quilting Practise Quilt

There is no end to inspiration, only time to do it! I am grateful for both.

That’s all for now.

Stay inspired!