IMG_1395.JPGSome days a ring bell in my head. I remember certain days and can recall them almost verbatim. Even when I don’t see the people in my present life – or even when I don’t  know the people but feel an affinity to their work.

Today’s date brings two people to mind. Bob Dylan, and Ron who is a friend I made by in the 80s and still correspond with. It’s a birth date for both of them. Now Bobby I never met in person but have listened to his words and music and followed him most of my adult and not so adult life. I even knew and had a mad crush on a person who played in the Rolling Thunder band. I think that time period and beyond I paid the most attention to Bob Dylan and his wonderings. I still listen to each new album (er, CD) (er, Mp3,4,5,6) He still creates a mood inside my mind and a wonder of what is going on in his Bobness’ real mind.

People have asked me which album do I like best. I always say Pat Garret and Billy the Kid. I laugh at the irony of that response cause there are few lyrics on that album (Knocking on Heaven’s Door) but most of it is sounds. I believe that album and Once Upon A Time in the West (Morricone) are two of my fave sound tracks. I digress often because my mind is so full of experiences and inspirations. I don’t know how kids of the present moment contain all the possibilities that are out there for them now with the social media and the Internet. In my days (hey wait I am still alive!) I was thrilled with the library and when a catalog came in the mail that was it. I would devour each magazine page by page scanning for new life. Now I honestly can’t keep up. Not that I could then but it at least felt like I could.