SewcialBeeSamplerButton 2.jpg

Every Wednesday for the next twenty-five weeks (to July!) I plan to participate in a sew-a-long called Sewcial Bee Sampler ( #sewcialbeesampler ) I will post each block once I have completed it.

I find participating in sew-a-longs to be fun and gratifying.  I always meet new people and learn something new.

Even though I have been sewing since I was a bumpkin I learn new techniques. It seems people want things faster and easier these days so my style shifts as I learn speedier ways. I am happy that I know lots of ways to accomplish the same ending just in case there’s a glitch in the system I can shift from machine to hand stitching. I love doing both kinds of work and am grateful I was taught to sew in my early years. It has always come in handy for fun and practicalities.

I think what excites me most about participating in this is I needed a prompt to get back to writing in my blog. Even though I write everyday I still haven’t found the voice for my blog.  I guess I am just too private some days. I think to enjoy a good blog one needs to find their courage to be vulnerable to the public eye. Perhaps this will give me motivation – we shall see – I hope so because I miss the process of sharing my words.

Here goes!