One Word, One Scrap, One Ingredient, Energy!



Just as appetite comes by eating so work brings inspiration.
-Igor Stravinsky, composer (1882-1971)

Love,Wisdom,StrengthExperience is the only way I am reminded of the truth beneath this statement.

On days when I am listless – uninspired – directionless I may just “go back to sleep” or, find my happy place by “just doing it”.

What is “it”?




It is…
Taking two scraps of fabric and sewing them together, ironing the seams and moving on.

It is…

It is…
Just doing haphazardly without any known connections.

It is…
Rambling with words, food ingredients, or textiles, just ramble.

It is…
Thumbing through a magazine and taking note of a picture or word that brings me pause.

It is…
Rolling the dice

It is…
Playing the instruments, just notes or chords.

It is…
One note, one drone, variations, vibrations.



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